About us

Our mission

We aim to support our clients in building innovative products that provide trackable and proven return on investment. Thanks to working with clients all over the world we learned to overcome both technical and business pitfalls. We aim at taking no more than 10 projects per year, and we preach this boutique-like approach. We want to be your nearshore office rather than just your contractor.

Core values


We believe that no immediate profit is worth risking our reputation. That’s why we never promise what we cannot do and never sacrifice the quality of our solutions.


You'll undoubtedly get what you expected from the project due to the transparency of our business processes. You’ll always be aware of what's going on today on your project and what will be done tomorrow.

Technically Skilled Management

Our business analysts (PMs) and senior management staff have a strong background in software development. It helps to ensure the highest level of workflow organization and estimation.


Despite the maturity of our business processes, we have saved the flexibility of a small company. So we are always ready to face the challenges of your businesses and tailor the solution to meet all the requirements.

Passionate Team

The only way to create great solutions on a daily basis is to work with a great team who truly loves their job. We are sure that business is all about the people in it, and that nothing can be done without involving passionate people first.